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❶No other correspondence will be entered related to this promotion, and no notification of the results will be sent to persons other than to the winner. The following websites describe Java

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If your school is not accredited, you are only doing yourself a disfavor. Accreditation is the process of evaluating a school or educational training program to determine whether it meets standards set up by the accrediting organization. Accreditation is the one of the most reliable indicators of the quality of a school:. So how do you keep your patients information safe and how do you [ November 10, Hospitals are always looking for new ways to cut costs and reduce patient re-admissions.

Home About Terms Subscribe. I have compiled some suggestions for how to celebrate National Nurses Week in your community: Invite a politician to a local healthcare facility to accompany nurses on the job. Inviting a politician is a great way to bring media coverage to your event, plus, politicians should be held accountable for their positions on healthcare.

Hold a community-wide reception for local nurses to recognize their years of service or specific heroic acts. Community-wide events are good because they spread awareness to members of the public who may not otherwise be aware of all that the nursing profession has to offer.

Sponsor a health fair: Health fairs are a great way to promote a positive image of nurses and improve community health awareness. Write an article about a nurse you admire and send it to a local newspaper. The Importance of Accreditation by admin on April 30, Accreditation is the one of the most reliable indicators of the quality of a school: It ensures that the program of study is rigorous and trains students properly for their respective fields. Accreditation is in-part contingent on the quality of instructors.

For a school to receive accreditation, it must prove that students can and have successfully completed the courses offered. See the section on Consulting for locations and hours.

RPCC consulting takes place in the computer lab. Look for a sign on one of the tables that reads " Consulting". CS and many other CS courses are always looking for great consultants. In general, CS is the launch pad for many courses. In addition, our best consultants can become undergraduate TAs. If you get at least an A- in CS, check out this website: Reading assignments are posted along with the lecture notes and examples in Lecture Notes. The sources listed here will be on reserve in the Engineering Library in Carpenter Hall.

To refer to the current release of J2SE, we will usually say Java 1. Follow the instructions on installing Java. To make Java easy to use at the command line, refer to Section 2. If you used an older version of Java 1. The following websites describe Java Note that we will not accept Java 1. For students with limited Java experience, we will hold a Java Bootcamp , which involves about three hours of self-guided training in Java.

Students can download the material and solutions. Or, you can attend two identical sessions with course staff that will answer questions. If you have never programmed in Java, have not programmed in a long time, or feel that your skills are a bit weak, we strongly suggest that you attend the Bootcamp. To install it on your own machine:. As of Fall , the standard Java site does not have links for Macs. However, the following information should help, assuming you are not running an "archaic" version of Mac OS.

Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade your operating system to We recommend DrJava , available free of charge from Rice University. DrJava is installed in the CIT labs. However, you may use any IDE that you like, or just a text editor if you prefer. Here are some links:. The difference is purely administrative so that the College of Engineering can keep track of how many of its students use this course to fulfill a distribution requirement.

We prefer class participation, so please feel free to raise your hand to contribute to the class discussion. We put most of our files for lecture notes, corresponding readings, and examples at the Lecture Notes link, usually just before or after lecture. Not all material covered in lecture will necessarily be online, so please do not email us about it. On the other hand, sometimes the lecture notes will contain extra material for you to review outside of class, and you are responsible for this material.

You are expected to attend a recitation section once per week. Section will cover some material not covered in lecture and provide an opportunity for questions on recent material, assignments, and exams. You may attend any recitation section, but we prefer that you select one and stay with it. Occasionally section instructors might temporarily move their section to a computer lab.

Pay attention to announcements to keep track of these potential room changes. Notes and examples will be posted occasionally in the Section Notes link. You will have six mandatory homework assignments to complete for the semester. These will involve writing Java programs and possibly other tasks. All assignments are posted at the Assignments link.

In addition, you must follow these rules concerning partners, unless we post otherwise:. Submit your assignments on time and well before the deadline. CMS tends to lag right near the deadline if too many students wait until the last minute.

For example, if you would have gotten an 80, your score would be If you submit only a portion of an assignment late i. We will deal with work submitted past the 6PM late-deadline on a case-by-case basis. Extensions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances, such as Illness , and only with approval preferably prior! The main assignments receive scores out of points.

At the very least, all of your code must compile without warnings or exceptions. If it does not, we will not debug your code and you may receive a grade of zero. We also expect you to follow the submission format requirements that the CMS Info link summarizes. We try to grade each assignment on the day after the due date. We strongly recommend that you review the grading comments, which are posted on CMS. Each time you get something wrong, we label the mistake with a code.

The codes are posted on the Assignments in files with names, like "a3ggcssp You may receive bonus points for exceptionally fine work. If you receive any bonus points, those points are counted separately and accumulate in a single bonus score for the semester. Refer to Grading for an explanation of how bonus points can influence your grade.

If you feel we have made a mistake in grading, you may request a regrade. Refer to the Regrades section for details. You are required to take two prelims and a final exam. Please see the Exams link for times and locations, review session information, topics, practice problems, and solutions.

We distribute prelims in Upson M-F, Bring your student ID card. Final exams may be reviewed the following semester, but may not be taken from the room. Note that this room also holds CS consulting, but our consultants work in a different area than the distribution center. If you have a conflict such as a prelim scheduled at the same time, you must first try rescheduling the event conflicting with the CS exam.

If you have exhausted other means for rescheduling your conflict, you must contact the course administrator Kelly at least two weeks before the exam. You must explain the nature of the conflict and provide documentation. You might be eligible to take an early prelim offering at 5:

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