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homework help language predicate verb subject

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Learn to Identify and Translate Latin Predicate Words

Illi viri sunt alti. Notice three concepts in these examples. First, every subject Julia, viri, Caesar agrees with its predicate puella, alti, validus in case, number and gender. Second, notice that linking verbs est, sunt, erat separate the predicates from the subjects.

Seeing three words in the nominative case can confuse the elementary Latin student because he or she has been taught to use the nominative case for the subject of a sentence only.

Remember that predicate words are often equated with the subject of a sentence and therefore must agree in case, number, and gender.

In fact, it would be just as valid to translate the three sentences above as:. A beautiful girl is Julia. Tall are those men. These translations do not follow proper English grammar but they still convey the same sentiments. When multiple nominative cases are found near a linking verb, the Latin student should look for an equation of a person, place, object, or idea found when using a predicate word.

As with noun-adjective pairings, a predicate word must agree with the subject it describes or modifies in case, number, and gender. Remember that this does not mean the subject and predicate will necessarily have the same form. You are in no way encouraged to pass the completed paper as one of yours, but instead you should take it as a basis for writing a paper of your own.

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Thanks a bunch, you saved my neck!!! Get a Price Type of paper: Please specify the deadline in advance, to have some time to review the paper. Contact Us Toll-free for US customers: The dog is the subject of the sentence, because the sentence is telling something about that dog. And what is it telling? It says that the dog ran. Yesterday after lunch the students were complaining about the short recess. The sentence is telling about several different things: How can we know which of those is the subject of the sentence?

We first find the verb: In some sentences the subject is not so easy to find. Here is an example of a sentence that seems to have no subject:. See if you can find the subject and predicate in this sentence:. There were three different desserts arranged on the table. First find the verb: The subject of a sentence includes the noun or pronoun along with all the words that modify, or describe it. The simple subject is the noun or pronoun all by itself.

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Grammar: Subject and Predicate Practice Part 1: Type in "subject" or "predicate" based on the definition or word/phrase in [brackets.] Part 2: Type in the exact word/phrase from the sentence that is the simple/complete subject/predicate. A subject and its predicate are normally linked with a linking verb. Often, one can think of the linking verb as an equal sign equating the predicate to the subject. Both English and Latin use predicates in the same way.